a2ps 4.13b

Description:  Any to PS converter with Syntax Highlighting and more
Maintainer:  Manuel Oetiker <manuel@oetiker.ch>
Created:  2007-05-09
Updated:  2007-05-09 (Package Prepared)
Support:  Manuel Oetiker <manuel@oetiker.ch>
Links:  a2ps Homepage, SEPP Dir, INSTALL
OS:  linux
Categories:  system, graphics, text
Binaries:  a2psfixpspdiff
More Info
a2ps is an Any to PostScript filter. It started as a Text to PostScript converter, with pretty printing features and all the expected features from this kind of programs. But today, it is also able to deal with other file types (PostScript, Texinfo, compressed, whatever...) provided you have the necessary tools.

This version is the final step before version 5.0. There are only a few functionality we want to include in 5.0 that are not implemented (especially, following versions will be split into a basic (American/West European) version, and a world wide version including other charsets)).

  • a2ps the main any to ps convertor
  • fixps helps cleanup broken postscript documents
  • pdiff pretty print diff between two files