alpine 0.999

Description:  advanced impa/mime mail user agent with acsii-ui
Maintainer:  Tobi Oetiker <>
Created:  2007-04-02
Updated:  2007-04-02 (Package Prepared)
Support:  Tobi Oetiker <>
Links:  Alpine Homepage, SEPP Dir, INSTALL
OS:  solaris
Categories:  internet, office
Binaries:  alpinepico
More Info
PineŽ - a Program for Internet News & Email - is a tool for reading, sending, and managing electronic messages. Pine does run on a normal Text screen and does not need X11. Pine was designed by the Office of Computing & Communications at the University of Washington specifically with novice computer users in mind, but it can be tailored to accommodate the needs of "power users" as well.


  • is imap aware (including SSL Imap)
  • can query ldap servers
  • recognizes the mouse if used from X
  • features online help
  • can be configured interactively
  • has color support
SSL Hint:

As our server does not run a official SSL certificat you want to use the following line to connect to it:

inbox-path : {}INBOX

This version of Pine has been enhanced with the material on

-------------- In order to create a maildir collection, you could press M S L, and "A" to add a collection. Fill in the required fields as follows:

Nickname : Anything Server : Path : #md/relative/path/to/maildir/collection/ View :

For example, if "path" is set to "#md/mail/", then Pine will look for your maildir folders that are in ~/mail/.