GNU Coreutils 6.7

Description:  GNU versions of cp, mv, du, chown, ...
Maintainer:  Manuel Oetiker <>
Created:  2007-03-02
Updated:  2007-03-02 (Package Prepared)
Support:  Manuel Oetiker <>
Links:  Homepage, SEPP Dir, INSTALL
OS:  linux
Categories:  system
Binaries:  g[gbase64gbasenamegcatgchgrpgchmodgchowngchrootgcksumgcommgcpgcsplitgcutgdategddgdfgdirgdircolorsgdirnamegdugechogenvgexpandgexprgfactorgfalsegfmtgfoldggroupsgheadghostidghostnamegidginstallgjoingkillglinkglnglognameglsgmd5sumgmkdirgmkfifogmknodgmvgnicegnlgnohupgodgpastegpathchkgpinkygprgprintenvgprintfgptxgpwdgreadlinkgrmgrmdirgseqgsha1sumgsha224sumgsha256sumgsha384sumgsha512sumgshredgshufgsleepgsortgsplitgstatgsttygsumgsyncgtacgtailgteegtestgtouchgtrgtruegtsortgttygunamegunexpandguniqgunlinkguptimegusersgvdirgwcgwhogwhoamigyes
More Info
The GNU Core Utilities are the basic file, shell and text manipulation utilities of the GNU operating system. These are the core utilities which are expected to exist on every operating system.

Previously these utilities were offered as three individual sets of GNU utilities, fileutils, shellutils, and textutils. Those three have been combined into a single set of utilities called the coreutils.

In order to distinguish them from the normal system file utilites, their names have the letter g prepended where there is already a programm of the same name on the system.