GNU Compiler Collection 4.2.0

Description:  A set of free compilers for c, c++
Maintainer:  Manuel Oetiker <>
Created:  2007-05-15
Updated:  2007-05-15 (Package Prepared)
Support:  Manuel Oetiker <>
Links:  GCC Homepage, GCC 4.2.0 Homepage, SEPP Dir, INSTALL
OS:  linux
Categories:  programming
Binaries:  g++-4.2.0gcc-4.2.0gccbug-4.2.0gcov-4.2.0
More Info
GCC used to stand for the GNU C Compiler, but since the compiler supports several other languages aside from C, it now stands for the GNU Compiler Collection.

When running on an Ultra Sparc the whole package is compiled with ultra sparc as default target ... generated cod, by default will not run on sun4m