Web Site Meta Language 2.0.9

Description:  WML is an Webdesigner's off-line HTML generation toolkit
Maintainer:  Manuel Oetiker <moetiker@ee.ethz.ch>
Created:  2002-11-17
Updated:  2003-11-25 (Set TMPDIR to /tmp/.wml_USER)
Support:  Fritz Zaucker <zaucker@ee.ethz.ch> Tobias Oetiker <oetiker@ee.ethz.ch>
Links:  WML Homepage, Download latest version, SEPP Dir, INSTALL
OS:  solaris
Categories:  internet
Binaries:  wmbwmdwmkwml
More Info
WML is a free and extensible Webdesigner's off-line HTML generation toolkit for Unix.

WML consists of a control frontend driving up to nine backends in a sequential pass-oriented filtering scheme. Each backend provides one particular core language. For maximum power WML additionally ships with a well-suited set of include files which provide higher-level features build on top of the backends core languages. While not trivial and idiot proof WML provides most of the core features real hackers always wanted for HTML generation.



  • wmd starts a front end to the WML man pages.
  • wml translates a WML-file into a HTML-file.
  • wmk is a front end to wml that allows translation of multiple files and has a limited set of make-like features
  • wmb can be used for sending bug reports to the author